The Great Conspiracy Is Not THAT Hard To Understand

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March 13, 2019

Marina Abramovic

Has anyone called you "crazy" for believing something that has a solid amount of evidence behind it? A "conspiracy theorist?" People do that because that is what they are trained to do. It is a shortcut to looking at evidence. When this happens to you, whether you are right or wrong, you have still found that person’s emotional trigger. If you take nothing away from this, my overall advice is that disarming emotional triggers is one of the most important aspects of becoming a real adult. People operate better when they are calm, cool and confident. Emotional resilience is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your children.

Gaslighting is Everywhere

I hope you can suspend your judgment, and wait to decide whether or not you agree with me, until after you have seen what millions of other people have seen, but the news infuriatingly won’t cover. Whatever your political alignment, there is something everyone can agree on; greater transparency of government. If you write one letter or make one phone call to a politician in your life, ask for more transparency.

If you write one letter or make one phone call to a politician in your life, ask for more transparency.

more government transparency

I hope to give you a glimpse of how emotional triggers are programmed into people as part of a way to control how you vote, how you spend money as well as part of being an overarching strategy in censorship. I think of it as "The Great Conspiracy" because, while it doesn’t include aliens or flat earth, it is actually an evidence based explanation of an undercurrent in society that provides a lens that helps make sense of a lot "coincidences" that the news is simply not allowed to tell you about.

Daily Times Fake News

Many crimes are very simple to understand. Violence is pretty easy to spot and easy to define. Financial crimes can be very layered; to the extent that you actually have to be smart to "get it." This is really the premise behind how "covert politics" and modern organized crime really operates. It is not like the traditional way a lot of people view the mafia. What most people think of as "organized crime gangs" are actually pawns of greater forces.

The Great Conspiracy is not THAT hard to understand; but, it is a bit of a thinker. The goal is to gradually assert creeping authoritarianism and it is half all the terrible parts of human nature and half organized crime, from the top, down, to exploit those terrible parts of human nature. Allow me to put, in one place, for you, what millions of people have already figured out by persistently getting around the myriad censorship techniques that are used to bury this information. You don’t even need Wikileaks to prove any of this; it is all widely available if you have the time to dig for it:

Principles of mass persuasion select findings on sales of US War Bonds
A Pre-History of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

The trauma based mind control started with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, who began to study PTSD in troops during WWI, before they even had a name for PTSD.

Edward Bernays founder of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

Tavistock, additionally, engaged in "principles of mass persuasion" which they later named, "systems psychodynamics." Systems psychodynamics is based on Wilfred Bion's "basic assumption theory" where your basic assumptions are manipulated to control how you vote.

Tavistock An Expiremental Study on the Effects of Cooperation and Competition Upon Group Process Morton Deutsch
Systems psychodynamics - Tavistock Institute - Amy Fraher

The goal, as far as manipulating your point of view, is to prevent you from caring about corruption through diffusion of responsibility, and to rely on your own confirmation bias to keep you polarized. This is where it gets annoying for some people. The ideal manipulation isn't to make everyone vote the same. The ideal manipulation is to make half the population vote one way and the other half vote the other way. There is never supposed to be a strong majority to lead the way, because things would actually get done and a single party could eliminate all of the corrupt officials in other parties (the checks and balances we are SUPPOSED to have.)

Organizing the HRM Function Anne Keegan, Ilja Bitterling, Hella Sylva, Ludwig Hoeksema
HR Paradox of Performing Strategy Operations Organization
Line Manager HR Practice Implementation Level

I don't want you to get too tied up with Tavistock, because they are far from the only game in town. Tavistock is merely a good working model of a well-documented think tank that employs a lot of basic psychological principles, like self-fulfilling prophecy. It gets weird, though, because they looked for psychological principles to explain black magic. The first psychologists were occultists. "Self fulfilling prophecy" is the psychological term that refers to the individual level of "social dreaming." Since researchers began to stumble on Tavistock, after the election, Wikipedia has removed their social dreaming page and the Internet, at large, has seen the disappearance of a lot other Tavistock documentation, like pieces of their "wartime archives" which aren't even on archive sites, anymore.

Organizational Change and Managerial Sensmaking: Working Through Paradox - Lotte S Luscher, Marianne W. Lewis

The reason you should know about social dreaming is because it is, from an ancient person’s lens, a black magic spell, where you say something that isn't true or hasn't happened (while in a group of people) to invoke the principles behind self-fulfilling prophecy. This is how and why "doublespeak" works and why you see so many "doublespeak" titles in media. They are, essentially, casting black magic on you because, even if you don't fall for the ploy, you are angered and succumb to negativity to the extent you appear "angry" or "obsessed" so that you can be discredited.

The ideal news title will cause outrage for one group and, due to the difference in confirmation bias, will cause schadenfreude in another group. Jussie Smollett is the perfect example of this type of staged media narrative. No matter which way it ended, the double edged perception accomplishes division and "organizational paradoxes."

Social Dreaming Matrix

Tavistock was preceded by the Coefficients Dining Club, who planned World War I to "cooperatively make the world more efficient." Their minutes are still available, today, in London, where you can see them, yourself. Freud had started his own Wednesday Psychology club and held meetings in Vienna. He was doing this the same time Stalin, Hitler and Trotsky were also in Vienna. That group would, eventually, become an International Association of Psychologists and expand across the globe. Think of them as early "social dreaming circles" because they aren’t just cultists, at this point. They are applying psychology, which they feel is pretty scientific, for the time.

Freude Vienna Dreaming, Dr. Brandt, Faunus as Douglas Spaulding
Coefficients Club: Window on the High Cabal? H.G. Wells, Beatrice Webb and Fabian Society and Fabian Socialism
When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place at the same time.

Dr. Ewan Cameron was the president of the Canadian chapter of these psychologists when he began unethical experimentation on children, later called "MK Ultra." But, again, this has black magic origins. Torturing a child in a specific way shatters their mind, as a defense mechanism, and creates multiple personalities. He was working for Tavistock, in a compartmentalized manner, who was working for Bob Bannerman and Morris "Morse" Allen of the CIA. They didn't just stumble across torturing kids, they merely studied a behavior that was already being done.

Dr. Ewan Cameron experimentation, abuse, MK Ultra and blackmail

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, used social dreaming to make people "see" the golden plates with their "mind's eye." So, what Tavistock is doing, is they are studying how to explain this religious and ritual behavior in a psychological way. Again, they aren't the only game in town.

Joseph Smith and the mind's eye social dreaming

What this all boils down to is that you, yourself, are somewhat MK Ultra'd. You can't really be exposed to mainstream media, movies, music, the Internet, without your synapses being manipulated on a biological level.

The Neuroscience of Happiness and Pleasure

In order to get around it, you really have to "white magic" yourself, but that doesn't mean trapping yourself in delusional positivism, it is more about embracing neutrality and knowing that the most powerfully cast spell is when you calmly, confidently tell the truth about bad behavior. From the lens of modern science, this merely allows you to use the front part of your brain, the part that makes you human. It is easy to make people emotional, where they have more primitive responses, circumventing their ability to make good judgments, in the moment.

Infographic on dopamine release by activity

Aldous Huxley spelled out this concept of the "happy slave" in his book, Brave New World, where Soma is the drug used to keep everyone happy. We have a lot more variety than just drugs, in the modern age, and we no longer need to call it "magic" since we have a pretty good understanding of how all this works together in a system. The problem is that the very rich can and do easily exploit these techniques.

Comparing PET brain scans of healthy and abuse brains

The black magic gets worse, though, as many have seen from a variety of documents regarding MK Ultra and related projects. But, notice in Tavistock literature and CIA documents, they are still using a great deal of double speak. After reading enough if this type of material, it is easy to start seeing how they arrange language to tell the truth and lie in the same sentence.

Shining a spotlight on Doublespeak

The Tor web saw some interesting releases, years ago, that revealed MK Ultra was continued in a compartmentalized fashion into Chickwit, Artichoke, MKNaomi, MKSearch, MKDelta, etc. Recent FOIA requests have borne out the authenticity of some of these documents. An integral part of trauma based mind control is sexual abuse, prolonged sensory deprivation, torture and we see this in many Hollywood stars, today.

Hollywood stars, the casting couch and the cults
Robert Downey Jr. on Dan Schneider on Crazy Days and Nights
Codeword Projects Identified by the Central Intelligence Agency, MK Delta, MK Ultra, MK Naomi

A particularly acute way to control someone is to give them a cocktail of scopolamine, benzodiazepine and an anti-seizure medication, where they essentially become a mind control zombie. With this cocktail, alone, you can still calmly instruct them to empty out their ATM or participate in their own rape. Nearly anyone can easily get a hold of these ingredients.

Project MKUltra CIA Mind Control Program
Un-identified white female, MKUltra LSD electroshock deprivation abuse
Devil's Breath, Scopolamine Mind Control and Memory Loss
Coffee/coffin table
Homer Simpson depravation illustration
Tudeh Party brain washing of prisoners secret documents

By hyper-controlling people in the spotlight in news, sports, movies and TV, you are essentially tricked into adopting basic assumptions that the occultists want you to believe in. ABC did a documentary on MKUltra in 1979.

How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism and Hollywood, Act Now!

Getting you to "act" is a simple three step plan they contrived in the 40s but applies to tap apps, today. Create a basic assumption, trigger an extreme emotion using that assumption, then call to action (usually, vote.)

The Happy Chemicals, how to naturally tap into dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin.

I start where the evidence starts, but for those looking how far this could project back; it is possible this goes all the way back to the cult of the Elephantine Isle, where Eratosthenes correctly measured the circumference of the earth using the shadow of a red granite obelisk in Aswan, Egypt (the only place to get red granite in the ancient world). This cult used a trinity as a religion to control their people and when they conquered new ones, they allowed them to have their own deities, but more as saints underneath their trinity. This red granite obelisk was moved to Alexandria, which was sacked by Augustus, who took it to Rome and put it on top of the Necropolis that the Vatican stands on, today. The obelisk used to have the story of creation on it, but it was scraped off around the 1500s. Prior to the Vatican being there, the Circus of Nero is where they did public sacrifices, essentially. So, what you have is an homage to the original psychology cult whose tricks were finally translated into psychobabble and implemented upon the masses.

Elephantine Isle Aswan Egypt
Aswan Cult used a trinity as a religion
Eratosthenes measures the circumference of the earth Aswan, Egypt
The red granite obelisk in Alexandria
Circus of Nero, the Necropolis that the Vatican stands on, today.
The Vatican, the obelisk
Vatican City Serpent's Head Pope Baphomet

From an intelligence perspective, you have a problem where you need to convince people to defy common sense and keep secrets. The best way to do this is to recruit cultists who are blindly obedient. To that end, Tavistock and others created fake cults that were specifically designed to infiltrate other cults. One example is the Process Church of Final Judgment. Tavistock created this fake cult whose theology was to combine all the god forms into one person (yourself). The Process church infiltrated Scientology, right away. Then, the Bohemian Grove and the Manson cult. They eventually co-opted Santa Muerta cults in Mexico before moving onto Voodoo cults in the Caribbean. Their theology, or a close facsimile, now rules a number of cults for the Crown, where the occultists, themselves, are dupes.

The Process church, Jimmy Saville
The Process church logo
Manson cult infulenced by the Process Church
Letter from L. Ron Hubbard HCO Ethics Order 1965
Robert de Grimston founder of the Process Church

But they don't know that. By using symbols everywhere to communicate their cult is powerful, they think THEIR CULT is in charge, but they are all using the same symbols.

FBI Bulletin Indentifications and Symbols of Pedophiles

Why do mass shootings happen? Why does this corruption happen "in your face"? The occult explanation is that they are passing on their bad karma to you, where you are a passive, consensual participant. You like the famous people. You want to be like them. Etc. But, it is worse than you think. They have to put it in everyone's face to demonstrate their power, otherwise their cult wouldn't last very long. So, for every victory against them, you can expect a drastic reaction, in turn.

FBI Documents reveal Newtown shooter Adam Lanza's Pedophilia Interest
How a teen misfit's hate turned into murder
occult worship backgrounds of mass shooters on antidepressants

Again, the solution here is the most basic form of white magic. Spelling out the truth in a calm, confident manner.

The worst part of censorship is...

Many are familiar with the Stanford Prison Experiment... essentially a Tavistock experiment... (Stanford, Brookings Institute, Lowy Institute and many other act as subsidiaries of Tavistock) that shows we all have, within ourselves, multiple roles and personalities we can access. You don't have to torture people to bring that out. The torture is needed to make a slave, though. You are free, within yourself, to access your own "god forms," as the Process Church teaches. I don't believe in magic. I think psychology is a lot of psychobabble where everyone is designed to be deficient, in some way. But I do believe in neuroscience, so it has taken me a long time to really understand how to communicate some of my ideas; but there are different lenses in which to view the same thing.

Right Brain Left Brain

Multiple Personalities is almost a misnomer. They are extreme states of mind, relative to each other, where a sufferer cannot even access the neural pathways to other memories they have. You are no different. When you get emotional and allow a news article to make you emotional, you activate the more primitive parts of your mind, stealing electrochemical energy from the part that makes you human, the part on the front that no other creature has. Junk food. A sedentary life. Electronic screen dopamine traps. Pornography. Drugs. These things and more all work together, designed by people you will never meet and never know about, to steal your humanity and make you more of an easily controlled animal.

Mind control class system

This is the game that is being hidden by the hidden ruling class, and the number one rule in mainstream media is to say anything other than what will reveal this game. The primary tactic for this is accomplished by operating limited hangouts in the news and in the courts. This is where a lesser crime is paraded around to hide a worse crime. Staged media narratives and limited hangouts are the "norm" of what you see on television.

A limited hangout or partial hangout

Revealing certain stories would break your normalcy bias that has been programmed into you. One example is the violent face peeling (while the victim is still alive) that cult members in the Sinaloa Cartel do. Other examples occur all over the world and, while local news will sometimes pick it up, these horrendous, demonic crimes are always left out of major syndication. You can find videos, but you won’t see the world the same after you see them. The most famous are the cartel members flaying their victim while listening to Michael Jackson. I can think of two more face flayings in the last week, alone.

Another from Africa:

Another thing that would break everyone’s normalcy bias is the NXIVM cult being involved in child sex trafficking, but we have seen the first guilty plea, this week. Allison Mack of Smallville even recorded some of these interactions with the cult leader, Keith Raniere, including one with an 8 year old girl.

Allison Mack Smallville Start Cult Leader
Keith Raniere NXIVM Cult Leader Arrested for sex trafficing
NXIVM Executive Success Programs ESP
Gillibrand sat at the NXIVM table with Nancy Salzmand Hillary Clinton Event
The Washington Children's Foundation The Podesta Group and Charles C Wilkes Esq
Bill, Hillary Clinton tied to Sex Slaves Cult NXIVM

NXIVM Was also installing keyloggers in their members and family members’ computers to spy on communications with a variety of people. Hillary Clinton and several world leaders were caught up in this. Notice that these cults also run their own, concerning nonprofits involving children and scientific research.

NXIVM installed keyloggers on their members computers
The Ethical Science Foundation Clare Bronfman Schedule B

So, what is going on here? The news isn’t going to tell you, so you will have to, first, understand how the financial trail even works. Nobody with any real following is allowed to advertise this information, even though it is publicly available. We’re talking about the Black Budgets of whole countries working together. You can't find black budgets because they operate in cash, get laundered through cash businesses like Pizza Shops (the Pizza Connection Trial was the largest trial in federal history), then those business owners "DONATE" to non-profit organizations, like "Edible Schoolyard" where the tax return shows they throw $167,000 "Solstice" events, but only make $12,000 for their NGO.

The Edible Schoolyard Project Black Budgets Events

From there, salaries are paid, vendors are paid, and the cycle starts anew, where the money, finally, ends up in the hands of politicians to keep the current party in power, or to systematically buy off anyone new who comes into power.

Russia, absolutely has a black budget, but Putin doesn't have to run it with the same amount of complexity. In fact, he pays himself the same way he pays US politicians (and politicians of other countries).

In this picture, you can see where Mossack Fonseca is part of Putin's money laundering chain to himself. He takes State money, pushes it through a layered series of financial entities, then gives it back to himself. Ruben Vardanyan is one of several middle men in this process. This is how "oligarchs" are part of the money laundering process. An integral part.

How Putin's Personal Bank Moves Money Offshore and is Returned to Russia

Troika Dialogue, is a node of one of these nodes; the one that happened to be managed by Vardanyan. In the Panama Papers search, you can see how many other nodes are layered off of Troika Dialog, because third parties are an orgy of money launderers registering businesses.

Troika Dialog, A Web of Money Laundering Businesses

So, now, your entity is just a few pieces of paper in some random office in the Caribbean, and, if they get busted, their secretary found to have 1200 businesses registered to her (though she is virtually penniless), and you are a drop in the bucket. That's how big black budgets are.


Troika Dialog paid into US politics, and that is what the the news is trying to hide from you. This document proves that (see the bottom.)

Podesta Group, Ruben Vardanyan and Troika Dialog Lobbying Registration

This one proves John Podesta, separately from the Podesta Group, takes money from Ruben Vardanyan, who funded Joule and who funded other funders of Joule, like Flagship Partners, to help enrich and launder through his Armenian friends.

John Podesta Transfer of Joule Global Holdings Shares

But Mueller, the Podestas and Manafort were all working with Yanukovych on another political operation group project, The European Center for a Modern Ukraine. Joule and Troika are far from the only money trail. Prince Charles was being paid in this same manner out of Troika, but that is practically just a symbolic payment. It references a much deeper financial relationship between all of these parties. That is really what these political operation groups are desperate to keep you from figuring out.

Yanukovych and Robert Mueller

The Panama Papers by Epix is a good primer.

The Panama Papers Documentary

This is the beginning of the FISA abuse scandal. I recommend this news broadcast on it that was never aired, "Under Surveillance".

It explains, in very specific detail, how corrupt leadership utilizes the spy apparatus against political enemies.

Under Surveillance Documentary

So, now that the Podestas have Russian money, it is now US black budget money, and they give it to the Center for American Progress who gives it to Media Matters, which funds David Brock Internet shilling campaigns, like Shareblue, Correct the Record, etc.

They also launder it to enrich, themselves, of course, and that is a role James Alefantis plays, this example being getting $11,600 to cater for a George Soros nonprofit:

Lexis Nexis Comet Ping Pong
James Alefantis owner of Buck's Fishing and Camping Hillary Clinton Benefit
John Podesta and Maya Harris and James Alefantis

He has a pizza shop, a bookstore, and a number of small businesses and Transformer Art Gallery. He is part of the money laundering cycle. He has Russian black budget money. David Brock has black budget money. John Podesta, Tony Podesta, the Clintons, the Clintons multiple NGO's, etc.

Here is an Internet shilling machines' menu:

Buy Reddit Upvotes and Accounts

So, drug money, gun running, human trafficking, etc, is earned with the consent of corrupt government officials, then gets cycled around into manipulating how you vote and spend your dollar so that they are able to stay in power.

This is the real Russian collusion and it is far from the only game in town. Russians, themselves, don't bother trying to influence America. It isn't effective. THEY HIRE OTHER AMERICANS TO INFLUENCE AMERICA. Just like every other country does.

That is why transparency of government is so important, because it is the only thing that will combat this. People in government need to be under the same level of scrutiny that intelligence bodies have been employing against the general populace.

 transparency of government is important
Russian Military Industrial Complex
Clinton Pay to Play
Joule Global, Joule Unlimited, John Podesta, Leonidio Holdings, Clinton Foundation, Bank of America

The news is entirely organized around making sure you don't have a clear understanding of this process. In fact, the news and shilling machines have been trying very hard to make sure everyone thinks the opposite of what is going on is true.

A good example of a limited hangout is the Panama Papers documentary. It gives a lot of really good information, but leaves out a lot of important specifics. The Guardian reported on the Troika Laundromat giving to Prince Charles, but completely left out the Podestas, despite admissions and paperwork that prove it.

A true worldwide emergency is the operation of organized pedophiles rings that trade videos of children being sexually abused, tortured and even killed on camera. Norwegian politicians continue to get caught up in "Operation Darkroom" and this is far from the only example of, what I refer to as, "Protected Political Pedophilia."

Here are a variety of examples of well known cases, that Google makes it really hard to find details of:

FBI Arrest Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock's Brother in Elite Pedophile Ring Bust
Brazil's John of God arrested for running Sex Ring
Brazilian spiritual healer Joh of God indicted for rape
Nebraska Inquiry on Sex Abuse of Foster Childern
Child Sex Scandal Roils UNICEF Unit
Inquery Spreads on 6 Children and Cult Tallahassee Florida
Chicago is the Center of National Child Prono Ring Chicago Tribune
The Free Thought Project
The Chicago Rippers Satanic Cult led by Robin Gecht former employee of John Wayne Gacy
Dutroux Belgian Sex Ring
Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensares VIPS with Reagan, Bush
UN sex-trafficing whistleblower feted in film DynCorp International a private military contractor
The teenager found murdered on the Queen's estate and the Baltic Mafia
Ray Gricar, prosecutor in Penn State Coach Sex Abuse Case declared legally dead

According to a study of 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association; it was found that 30 percent had seen cases of ritual or religion- related abuse and 93% of the professionals believed that ritualized abuse occurred.

In 1992, a survey of the membership of the ISSTD, Nancy Perry concluded that 88% of 1185 mental health professionals reported belief in ritual abuse.

New Mexico Compound

Sex Rings tied to foreign intelligence:

Dutroux Affair - Belgium Pedophilia Scandal

Franklin Scandal - A Lurid Mysterious Scandal Begins Taking Shape in Omaha

Pace Memorandum - Mormon Affiliated Group Linked to Rituals of Devil Worship, Occult

BBC Coverup - BBC bosses still trying to cover tracks over Savile in 2012

Boy Sex Rings said to Peddle Client Data to Foreign Agents

Finland discovered a "massive computer library of child pornography that included pictures of torture, mutilation, and cannibalism."

By State Conviction List: Ritual Abuse Cases

Jimmy Savile was part of satanic ring

Former 'Child Prostitute' Claims Jerry Sandusky Was Part of Pedophile Sex Ring

Finders Report - Report of Investigation
Finders Report Details of Investigation CIA Internal Matter
Finders Report Narative

But how far will the mainstream media and Internet shills go to cover something up? How big of a conspiracy could it actually be? The cover up of the Uranium One scandal is the best example since it is well documented, very blatant, and the money trail ties to everything I have been talking about.

Three Pieces of primary source evidence, good enough for court, that blow apart the news narrative:

The Podesta Group's LD 1 disclosure forms; the one that proves there is a nexus between The Podesta Group, Mueller, Yanukovych and Manafort which totally destroys the narrative in the news.

The Podesta Group LD 1 disclosure form took money from the Kremlin's Sberbank and other entities that Putin is known to launder money to himself, through.

John Podesta's signed document that proves he got 100,000 shares of the Kremlin's faux clean energy company "Joule."

Almost no news outlet incorporates them into their reporting about Uranium One. One of the most extensive articles about Uranium One was done by the New York Times, "Cash Flowed to the Clinton Foundation Amid Uranium Deal." These pieces of evidence are not mentioned, nor did they ever bother to update their reporting. Despite that, their article is pretty damning. The NYT also fails to mention the human trafficking nexus surrounding the mining operations.

Cash Flowed to the Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

A black market uranium smuggler was caught with uranium on its way from Novosibirsk (Rosatom's chemical concentration plant) to Iran. The Russians refused to help the Georgian authorities, who had to let the smuggler walk after a short time in jail. Georgia, then asked for the US to help in the investigation where they sent a sample of the HEU, enriched just under weapons grade. Mueller, himself, rather than admit where the uranium came from RETURNED THE EVIDENCE HIMSELF TO RUSSIA, hand delivering the HEU sample on a TARMAC in Russia. Here is the cable that proves it:

In the Middle of the Russian "Reset", Mueller was already protecting the Uranium One.

Mueller has seemingly investigated his own crime and pinned it on Manafort while purportedly giving the Podestas immunity. They worked for Russia under the guise of the European Center for a Modern Ukraine to infiltrate the Ukrainian government. Notice that is the name on the earlier Podesta Group disclosure form.

Mueller and Yanukovych, together.

Russia has a fairly easy time hiring traitors within the US to fight their energy war using "influence."

U.S. sanctions against Russia are becoming a boon for Washington's lobbyists, Gazprombank GPB (OJSC) hired former U.S. senators John Breaux and Trent Lott

Here is a picture of Hillary hitting the "reset" button:

Hillary Clinton hitting the reset button with Sergey Lavrov

Under Obama, Hillary was in charge of getting American companies to work with Russia's military industrial complex at their Skolkovo collaboration, where Russia promised tax exemptions for companies like Cisco, Google and Intel.

Later, Obama gave the Russian uranium situation the final push it needed by ending the national emergency on the issue and officially making Russia a supplier of US uranium. Notice the doublespeak:

Obama cancels emergency over Russian uranium sales

The Clinton Foundation was taking money from companies that participated as a bribe for the opportunity.

In fact, the Epoch Times made a chart that does a pretty good job of including a lot of information, but it is a bit of an overload for casual readers.

The Epoch Times Uranium One Scandal Infographic

The people who were in charge of approving the Uranium One deal did it in record time with no paperwork and appear to have left it out of the congressional report.

Covered Transactions by Acquier Home Contry 2007-2009 Uranium One
Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States Annual Report to Congress December 2011

They only mention Canadian mining. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States was a corrupted body with no transparency and no accountability.

  • Eric Holder
  • Jose W. Fernandez
  • Marisa Lago
  • Timothy F. Geithner
  • Janet Napolitano
  • Dennis F Hightower
  • Robert Gates
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Steven Chu
  • Ron Kirk
  • John Holdren
  • Peter R. Orszag
  • Christina Romer
  • Lawrence Summers
  • Aimen Mir
  • Both Uranium One and Gulftainer have deep ties to Russian intelligence, nuclear weapons, and uranium enrichment. Gulftainer has additional ties to the Iranian regime and to the architects of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Gulftainer executive board chairman Badr Jafar visited the White House in 2014, six weeks before the secretly-negotiated Gulftainer deal was announced, signed, and closed…
  • What is Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale? None other than Robert Mueller’s law firm, which he recently left to accept the special counsel role in the "Russia" case. Prosecutors on his anti-Trump legal team also came from WilmerHale.

But none of that captures how expansive this crime really was. In fact, in looking at it, you can see that there is a government backed organized crime group that has been working on this uranium monopoly for Russia for about 35 years.

Here we see outed GCHQ spy, Alexander Downer, signing away uranium to Russia, as well.

Australia close to Russia uranium deal: Alexander Downer APEC Summit

This should be a very important clue to anyone who has been paying attention to the GCHQ involvement with the FBI in the midst of the Russia scandal. Why would Britain help Russia gain a monopoly on uranium?

Christopher Steele, Josef Mifsud, Alexander Downer; How many British Intelligence assets have to be exposed before the news will cover this issue fairly? Why has no one asked the question, "WHY ARE BRITAIN AND RUSSIA WORKING TOGETHER FOR A MONOPOLY ON URANIUM?"

The nexus of British and Russian agents attempting to frame Trump and distract from the Uranium One deal have the news on their side. This is a really, really bad sign.

But, let's look at what Rosatom has done SINCE they were given all the uranium.

  • Started a proxy war in Venezuela while managing to acquire at least a billion dollars in Venezuelan gold. Both US and Canadian courts have ruled against Venezuela in favor of Russia in their Rusoro cases.
  • Started building floating nuclear reactors to use in the Arctic circle.
  • Started harvesting heavy water from Fukushima.
  • Started bidding against US companies to build nuclear reactors and the news criticizes Trump for trying to work a deal to get the contract for FOUR reactors in Saudi Arabia. They are winning these bids.
  • They have been building new reactors and building new nuclear relationships with over 30 countries, dwarfing NATO, where, Rosatom is also entering into the mining supply lines.
  • Immediately spiked the price of uranium.

No articles on Uranium One that I've seen have explored the long term consequences of the deal and it is terrible for for the US.

I created an automated script to track the uranium world in /r/uraniumnews.

When I started blasting these articles out, trying to raise awareness on current Rosatom news, the upstream was halted. They identified my upstream and tightened their fist around the reporting on Rosatom. The same thing happened when I made /r/FBIWatch. I built it to find the criticism of the FBI, but they identified my upstream and started wording titles and articles that were pro-FBI to serve them up to my script. /r/FBIWatch was actually stolen from me, so I had to make the new and improved /r/FBINews and /r/CIANews.

In fact, the amount of censorship I face on certain issues is usually a sign I am on the right track.

Uranium News: Rosatom

I recommend the top article: "Why Is A Shadowy Intelligence Organization Supporting Rosatom, the Russian Nuclear Energy Company?"

These Relationships Go Way Back

  • Don Tyson of Tyson Foods introduced Bill Clinton to Frank Giustra and Marc Rich of Glencore in the 80s, where their money intermingled in an entity known as "Diamond Fields."
  • Tyson Foods is connected to human trafficking from Mexico and South America
  • Giustra mining assets and Glencore mining assets utilize forced labor. This is borne out by State Department reports on forced labor.
  • Marc Rich was trading black market oil for black market uranium to send to Russia.
  • Marc Rich is given a last minute pardon by Bill Clinton. Comey was the prosecutor. The FBI did a faux investigation into the last minute pardons as revealed by the FBI FOIA Vault. Limited hangout.
  • Human trafficking networks are already established for these players in the mining industry.
  • Frank Giustra pours money into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.
  • Uranium One board members, like Ian Telfer, pour millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.
  • Despite objections from the US military, the CFIUS still approves the Uranium One sale to Rosatom, with members under pressure from the 7th Floor Group (referred to as "shadow government" in a report posted under the FBI FOIA Vault.)
FOIA Request Release on The Seventh Floor Group or Shadow Government related to Clinton

But why is everyone so in the dark about this issue? No news outlet bothered to look into Ruben Vardanyan, who paid the Podestas off?

The reason is because of projects like Operation Earnest Voice, Shareblue, Correct the Record and along with other similar shill factories.

The reason is because hundreds of people like John Podesta are casually able to email reporters or call them up and have them spike a story or spin an issue in any way they like with almost zero effort.

List of journalists and outlets who colluded with the Clinton campaign, source Wikileaks
Question 12 Federal Media Partner Podesta Group Media Partners Disclosure Form

But John Podesta also has his own personal media whipping boy. David Brock. David Brock runs Media Matters, who was writing apologetics for the Uranium One deal as early as 2008. Maybe earlier. John Podesta, who takes Russian money, then funnels that money to the Center for American Progress, which funds David Brock's projects.

The Center for American Progress, Messaging for Obama, Progressive Media, Media Matters launches major new war room with Jennifer Palmieri

The news will continue to cover this up. But, this is all the context behind Pizzagate, which originated LONG BEFORE the 2016 election. The people involved want you to think that this is "just art."

Andrew Breitbart tweet on John Podesta, world class underage sex slave op

James Alefantis was blackmailed with his boyfriend, David Brock, twice. I assert the first time was for the sexual abuse of children, where David Brock paid $850,000, and a second time, where the police became involved.

James Alefantis and David Brock

Maccoby, their attorney, is involved with nonprofits aimed at children. Here is a snapshot of that lawsuit:

Court Filing William Grey v David Brock and James Alefantis
Media Matters David Brock pays blackmail

Here is Alefantis with the Police Chief who has a reputation for covering up crimes against children (Best’s daughter was raped by multiple men at just 11 years old. Her daughter, who is still emotionally recovering from the 2008 aggression, was charged with filing a false report after her account of events were found to be inconsistent-- despite several medical accounts detailing her sexual injuries and the findings of multiple samples of semen on her underwear.):

James Alefantis and the Police Chief of Washington DC

"Peter Newsham, Chief of Police for Washington D.C., who also publicly supports Comet Ping Pong owner, James Alefantis, allowed an 11-year-old girl to be charged with 'false report of rape' despite medical accounts of her sexual injuries and findings of multiple samples of semen on her underwear."

John Podesta's ex-sister in law, Heather Podesta, is on D.C. Police Foundation Board

Heather Podesta is also friendly with DC Police.

James Alefantis is a money launderer. He has a series of small cash businesses that break down larger sums of political money to move around. And, he loves to work with kids. One of his non-profits spent around $160,000 to raise $12,000 at a Solstice event in Berkeley. Marina Abramovic, the spirit cooker attended. During a spirit cooking video, Alice Waters and Marina Abramovic even kiss on the mouth. Point being, they are close. I outlined that relationship a bit, in this article:

Marina Abramovic and Marco Brambilla

James Alefantis is friends with a number of known pedophiles. His family even wrote a letter to the judge to help out their friend, Christopher Kloman, who has a few curious connections.

Christopher Kloman, Keneth Starr

Marina Abramovic is a subject all on her own, but I think it is important to point out that she has routinely appeared in pictures posing with naked children. Full frontal nudity.

Marina Abramovic DUST Cover
Marina Abramovic Art
Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking with Hollywood elite

The photographers she works with are well known child pornographers. Even Bing will serve up their potentially illegal images if you search their names, like "David Hamilton girls". Marina Abramovic hosts "spirit cooking" (many of involve blood and semen and writing spells on walls) dinners for John Podesta and many other well known people.

Eat the Pain, Marina Abramovic Painting with blood and other body fluids

Rachel Chandler appears with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, as well as other famous people. Her photography features children, as well. The pictures that are safe to show you are disturbing. If you actually hunt down these people on the Internet, THEY ARE APPEARING FREQUENTLY WITH NAKED CHILDREN THAT AREN’T THEIRS.

Interior Decoration Choices of Tony Podesta, John Podesta's Brother

James Alefantis and the Podestas have another partner in crime, Kamala Harris' sister, Maya Harris. Aside from the political fundraisers, she participates with an interesting cast of characters at the Transformer art gallery that sells satanic looking art at exorbitant prices... usually a sign of money laundering.

John Podesta, Maya Harris and James Alefantis host Benefit for Hillary Clinton Campaign in Washington D.C.

In fact, Kamala Harris and the Clintons have a number of similar friends in their political circle. The most troubling of these is the secret police exposed by the LA Times. Compare these two collages:

Times Up Kamala Harris! Kamala seem with Grand Master X (Secret Police), Maxine Waters, Jussie Smollett
Kamala Harris Running Secret Police with Grand Master X seen here with Bill Clinton

There is a well established nexus of money and influence between all of these people and the news outlets.

Married couples spaning both media and politics

The reason people freaked out about "Pizzagate," initially, was because of James Alefantis' Instagram and John Podesta's emails that were blatantly occult and pedophilia oriented. Tony Podesta's art collection fed the fire, as well.

Tony Podesta's art collection and a photo of the Biltmore Pool

John Podesta's email contained a description of three young children (6 - 11) being brought to "the farm" for "entertainment," where the last reply was "I've never had an affair before." The woman who provided the girls was also in Sid Blumenthal's leaked contact list. These are not her children. She live streams their cribs.

Evie's Crib showing Tamera Luzzatto and unknown children live stream cribs

Comet Ping Pong (One of Alefantis' restaurants), East Hampton Babysitters, and Tamera Luzzatto's sites all were created in the same poor style. Kevin Reynolds, the "infant masseuse" pictured with Bill Clinton on his site had pictures of naked children on his site in the places that were not obviously linked to the front page. HTTrack was used to acquire the images. He also posted a picture of himself on Facebook, around the time, of himself masturbating into a lake. He also has a "vacation concierge" side gig, where he takes people on his boat to the Caribbean, referencing some haunts of Jeffrey Epstein.

East Hampton Babysitters Kevin Reynolds Baby Massage Artist

Kevin Reynolds LMT Director Institure of Core Energetics
Kevin Reynolds friend of Bill Clinton Kidz Foundation Infant Massage

Comet Ping Pong was particularly interesting, in that it had a login page with a bunch of encrypted files:

Comet Ping Pong Member Only Website Login with hidden encrypted files

In the aftermath of the site being accessed, the computer was conveniently shot during a staged media event. The "magic bullet" managed to hit the hard drive from the other room where the trajectory must have made a right angle as it made it over the computer.

Boom. Shot through the harddrive
James Alefantis showing the location of the computer with zero damage to the door

All kinds of weird things go on at "all ages" Comet Ping Pong, like unconscious women on ping pong tables:

Comet Ping Pong Screen Projector Sash Lords
MajesticApe29 Video Are you a Pedophile Screenshot
Jimmy Comet Post Ritual
James Alefantis Instagram Account Advertising Pizza

Alefantis' Instagram is particularly unsettling. Drugs, money, babies. (The Clintons are also affiliated with John of God, who was selling babies, and the NXIVM cult (on the board of CGI) members who are on trial for trafficking and abusing girls as young as 8, so far.)

Alefantis (none of these are his children or of his relatives) asks "Why does Daddy like BUTT?" in this post where the hashtag "carisjames" may refer to Epstein's CARibbean ISland, Little St JAMES.

James Alefantis Instagram Post JimmyComet Why Does Daddy...
James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong Instagram Post Screenshot
James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong Instagram Post Screenshot
Barak Obama James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong Instagram Post Screenshot
James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong Instagram Post Screenshot Way Overpriced
James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong Instagram Post Screenshot London Sounds Tempting
James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong Instagram Post Screenshot Family Tradition

Epstein was obviously allowed to operate as a pedophile by Mueller, in exchange for information, as can be seen in the FBI FOIA Vault.

Epstein FBI FOIA Vault Records and ID Card

We even have a real life example of this happening before: THE LARGEST TRIAL IN US HISTORY WAS THE PIZZA CONNECTION TRIAL; where a series of pizza shops were being used by organized crime to launder money. CHEESE PIZZA has been used as a code for "child pornography" practically since the Internet was invented. CP.

Pizza Connection Trial
17 Found Guilty in Pizza Trial of Drug Ring

Along with Dennis Hastert, Anthony Weiner, Jeffrey Epstein, John of God, NXIVM members, we still haven't scratched the surface of how many pedophiles the Clintons are friends with and are actively exchanging money with and partying with.

Anthony Weiner and Dennis Hastert
Tony Podesta and Dennis Hastert and Camp Nose Japan 1965
James Alefantis and Tony Podesta
Bill Clinton and
Marina Abramovic and John of God
John of God and Oprah

Rachel Chandler was hanging around Clinton, Epstein and other famous people when she was underage. Her photography is worth looking into, considering it focuses on disadvantaged youth.

Rachel Chandler and Jeffery Epstein
Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler
Puffy Daddy P Diddy and Rachel Chandler
Breitbart died of heart failure, Breitbart's coroner dead from arsenic poisoning headlines

The pictures and list go on and on and it is really hard for people to believe that it is that "IN YOUR FACE." But... how else would they advertise their services?

Ben Swann did a short presentation of Pizzagate, which is the most honest one in MSM, but you can see where it falls a little short.

The Royal Family, Lady Gaga, Elton John Documentary on Pizzagate by Ben Swann

Given the nature of the censorship behind these issues, it is difficult for people to simply use Google, which has been manipulating search results.

Furthermore, the complexity of the organized crime that is happening makes it difficult to map all of this out in an easily consumable piece.

Indeed, it is a struggle to write something that can fit in a post on any social media platform.

In order to better track this, I automated my news perusing. Articles on certain topics are automatically databased and transported to my website. My database makes it easy to search for a name that shows up in the news, where I can instantly tie them to other people. Any news article or piece of evidence I interact with also gets automatically added to this database. For this reason, I don’t forget details. I can easily recall information that Google won’t show me.

Sharing this information results in bans and a variety of manipulations of posts that I never would have dreamed of. If there was nothing here, and it was a "crazy conspiracy theory" like aliens or flat earth (which do not get censored, they get promoted), there would be no reason to try and bury it and generate a host of fake news articles that purposefully leave out evidence in an intentionally "stubborn stupid" approach.

While it is still a work in progress, my site continues to grow slowly, automatically, while collecting relevant evidence.

Some of the automated feeds that I created to draw from are:

If you add .rss to the end of the links, they can all be read in an rss feed, which can be easily connected to a variety of scripting techniques to extract data. When I sit down to write something, this is the pool of data I am working from and this article is far from comprehensive. This is just scratching the surface in order to fit within the frame of most people’s normalcy bias.

The scary truth is that anyone can slowly, deliberately infiltrate online groups that are pedophiles, cannibals, and worse at places like or it’s horrifying equivalents on the onion web.

You can find places where buying a person costs as little as $13,000. Do not fall for the illusion that there is no slavery, anymore. All races are slaves to the rich.

My message in all of this is fairly simple:

  1. The news is lying to you. The tech giants are helping them. The extent of the deception is drastic.
  2. You are being manipulated on a biological level in ways you can perceive and in ways you are not able to be aware of on a conscious level.
  3. Neutrality is a truly important skill to foster.
  4. Government transparency is the #1 political issue in every government. They all need more.

Thanks for reading.
* WoS

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